How it works

How it works

Content Analytics: Classify and route

Classify and allocate

Incoming transactions are analyzed and assigned to available employees according to topic, skill, and urgency.


Fuzzy matching helps to find existing customer information

360° transaction history

Relevant context information from existing back office systems is provided to support agents.


Suggested answers: Expert answers learned from past interactions

Suggested answers

Expert answers learned from past interactions are offered as selected text templates.



Send and archive

Agents select the response channel (e-mail, app, text message, social media) and responses are automatically archived – according to content.


What it can do

What it can do

  • Process 80 percent of all customer messages within 2 hours
  • Reduce effective service costs by 30 percent
  • Process 40 percent more transactions without additional employees

What it means

What it means

  • React more quickly and consistently for lower cost– independent of the selected communication channel (e-mail, social media, web, app)
  • Eliminate manual, repetitive work steps and prevent media disruptions during the processing of the requests
  • Automatically learn from every transaction to improve the knowledge base for web self-service and knowledge management

Areas of application

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