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    Intelligent data extraction with AI

    The traditional method of data extraction from documents is not at all efficient: Only a fraction of the thematic data in capturing cases in companies can be automatically identified based on rules and locations. Most of the thematic and personal data contained in emails, documents, and the web are copied or keyed in manually. This leads to high costs and delayed processing. ITyX offers a unique procedure for automatically extracting thematic data contained in unstructured documents.

    The right combination makes the difference

    The AI Platform learns how to handle selected employees when evaluating, processing and annotating content regardless of the structure such as emails, documents, web and social media. This means that thematic data from body text are identified regardless of their position and then automatically extracted and converted into usable data records. When capturing cases in back offices or in customer service contained in a company's inbox.

    • Position-related data extraction
      (from defined areas of categorized document types)

    • Linguistic data extraction
      (from the textual context within a document)

    • Rule-based thematic data extraction
      (according to fixed terms and fields)

    • Self-learning thematic data extraction
      (through the analysis and annotation of observed processing steps of the manual capture)

    Data Extraction with AI

    Processing documents with AI

    Our AI platform is used in particular by insurance companies, financial service providers, and municipal utilities to automate document processing. Even for complicated cases such as applications for building mortgages and opening of a rental guarantees. We are able to process documents regardless of the structure of the content - ranging from handwritten text to fields and tables.

    Automatically capture ordering processes in B2B trade with AI

    Learn out how this globally active commercial enterprise …

    … correctly captures up to 85% of the orders from different templates and formats (ranging from emails to order forms) with AI.

    … runs dynamic check routines (validation) by comparing them with SAP to verify the information.

    … and thus saves about 40% of the total effort involved in manual processing.


    Succes Case  Automated Ordering Processes



    Automate data acquisition with AI

    AI Platform

    A single AI platform for analyzing text and extracting data for all areas of the company (instead of using various tools for different document types, processes, and content structures).

    Maximum identification quality

    Maximum identification quality in extracting and validating thematic data.

    Automation with AI

    Highest degree of automation, lowest proportion of manual effort. The perfect way for you to automatically process your business cases.

    Open up the content of documents and emails.

    Now also available as a service from a certified German cloud operation.

    AI to automate text-based processes.

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