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    Use AI now to automate capturing and processing of all text-based business processes within your company.

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    Intelligent process automation for your documents and emails: Capture and extract text information from all company processes and automatically send this data to employees and downstream systems. Enriched with all relevant context information - without any programming effort.

    The AI Platform at a glance
    Market-leading AI service Market-leading AI service

    Outstanding precision for linguistic analysis, content classification, data extraction, validation, and enrichment of text-based content from all sources and in all formats.


    Easy to operate Easy to operate

    Both standard procedures for operational specialists (even without ML, DL, and coding skills), as well as optimized parameter configurations for AI experts (including customizing via a programming interface) are available.

    Future-proof system architecture Future-proof system architecture

    Extensive range of integration functions available (including hot folder, web services, POP3, IMAP) for integration into any type of supply chain.

    Workflow automation Workflow automation

    Automated compilation of classification and extraction methods in any cascade.

    Process designer Process designer

    Extensive selection of standardized, configurable input/output states within the workflow.

    Secure operation Secure operation

    Available for local (on-premise) or as a secure service from a certified cloud.

    This is how it works.



    The AI Platform supports all relevant protocols (including FTP, SFTP, FTPS, IMAP & POP3 for emails, VFS, WEBDAV, WEBDAVS), file formats (including PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, MSG, DOC, HTML), sources, and text structures.


    Classification and separation

    The AI Platform uses various AI methods such as SVM, Bayes, Hidden Markow, PTME, KNN, and various boosters that you can flexibly set up, train, and combine. It can be used anywhere in your company where texts with different structures have to be linguistically analyzed.

    Capture content

    Capture content

    The AI Platform combines automated field extraction and manual data capture. Modern user interfaces are available in the integrated post-process that enable employees to make manual annotations. This continuously improves the quality of the data capture.


    Enrich and validate

    The AI platform uses plausibility checking procedures to compare extracted content with your existing data. Fuzzy matching combined with sets of rules guarantee maximum accuracy and contextual enrichment of the entire case content.

    Enrich and validate
    Trigger workflow

    Trigger workflow

    Any workflows can be automatically executed in corporate downstream systems with the content data captured and validated in the course of the case.

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    Intelligent process automation ITyX


    Here’s what you can expect

    90 % correctly classified cases Classification

    More that 90% correctly classified and captured cases (average across all case types).

    99% correctly extracted data Extraction

    Up to 99% correctly determined and extracted thematic data (at the field level).

    70 % reduction in processing effort Efficiency

    Up to 70% reduction in processing effort (average).

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