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    AI for CRM and ERP systems

    Capture emails automatically. Extract data intelligently. Automate workflows.

    Automated case capturing

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    Automate workflows with AI – integrate as a service

    How do you intend to handle the abundance of emails and documents in the future? Our AI is able to understand the intentions of customers and process communication content into a 360° view of the customer relationship. Our service offers manufacturers and users artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) an on-premises or cloud version of an easy-to-train application.

    AI Integration with CRM and ERP


    AI process automation for CRM & ERP

    The AI PLATFORM gives you an invaluable advantage. You can automatically process your customers' communications and derive service workflows from them. And reply to them. For a better customer understanding across all sources and text-based content types.

    also for mobile capture via smartphone


    Case capture with AI in your CRM solution

    Case capture with AI in your CRM solution

    For all text-based messages: The AI Platform captures your business cases regardless of content structure, business process, and source. We initiate a service process in your CRM with fully validated process information.

    Workflow automation with AI

    For all follow-up activities: Automatically trigger follow-up processes in other corporate applications via AI and RPA.

    Workflow automation with AI
    Easy Integration

    Easy Integration

    Use additively - without extensive integration effort and lengthy project times: The AI Platform can be used within your existing infrastructure as a cloud service or on-premises without any modifications.

    CRM and ERP: Automate successfully with AI.

    Discover the potential of AI for automated case capture. Our whitepaper shows you how AI automates the capture and processing of text-based business information (documents, emails, attachments) in CRM or ERP systems.

    Author: Andreas Klug, AI Evangelist, ITyX Solutions AG
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    Intelligent process automation with AI


    AI’s decisive advantage for your existing CRM system

    More than 200 customers in 24 countries have expanded their content services (DMS / ECM) to include the AI Platform. In numerous benchmarks, the AI Platform has proven that it achieves maximum automation rates.

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    Would you like to use AI to automatically record text-based service cases in your CRM and trigger follow-up activities?
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