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    Robotic process automation and AI

    Automate workflows intelligently

    One thing is clear: Robotic process automation (RPA) automates similar, constantly repetitive processes. RPA relieves your employees of the task of having to enter case data in structured form - like an automatic keyboard. Nevertheless in most cases, relevant thematic data is hidden in body text: Emails, documents, contracts, archives, and files. This is where our AI service helps - like an assistant that thinks things through.


    RPA is rather inflexible without AI

    RPA is rather inflexible without AI

    The data dilemma in automated case capture:

    Eighty percent of all relevant information lies dormant in body text or is derived from the context and cannot be automatically captured and validated without AI service. RPA software without AI remains ineffective.

    AI and RPA

    AI process automation for robotic process automation

    For RPA producers, integrators, and users
    Capture documents

    Reading between the lines

    Your information management should not be based solely on structured data. Our AI Platform analyzes, records, validates, and processes relevant business information regardless of the structure and source.

    This is how it works ...

    AI understands content

    Understanding the content in context

    AI simulates human case capture - relieves employees from having to perform robotic-like work: Even in complex processes, up to 99% of the relevant thematic data is recognized and processed automatically. Through pre-trained case capture with AI ...

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    improve the benefits of RPA

    Significantly improve the benefits of RPA

    As a service from a certified cloud operation: The AI Platform is also available as a cloud service. You can use AI additively and thus significantly increase the efficiency of RPA.

    Would you as a producer and integrator of RPA solutions like to expand AI for automated case capture also from body text?
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    Would you like to use AI to automatically capture thematic data from emails and body text for forwarding to your RPA software and to trigger follow-up activities?
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