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    The best of both worlds

    Robots are stupid. Intelligent process automation (IPA) adds a cognitive component to classic software robots, which radically increases the efficiency in capturing and processing of documents, emails, and documents. IPA as a service thus becomes a turbo for existing in-house RPA solutions - and can be integrated additively .
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    Digital intelligence

    Our IPA service is used by 200 companies in 24 countries to digitize case processing in service and back offices. Employees are relieved of the burden of performing repetitive manual data entry steps. We harness the potential of automation.

    Application process

    Application process

    Funding applications, mortgages and loans, certificates, income statements: IPA records the thematic data it contains, validates the information, and automatically forwards cases to existing data management systems.

    HR processes

    Certificates, health insurance changes, notifications of disability, allowances, travel expenses: Entire personnel files can be automatically digitized and their content made accessible with the help of IPA services.

    HR processes
    Customer service and incoming mail

    Customer service and incoming mail

    Complaints, queries, damage reports, reimbursement receipts via email or regular mail: IPA service ensures that more than 95% of incoming cases are automatically recognized, distributed, and enriched with critical contextual information.

    Nearly 700,000,000 transactions automated per year.
    Reliably. Accurately.

    Find out which documents, emails, and certificates we make available to our customers every day.


    Relieve employees from routine For employees

    Relieve your colleagues of repetitive routine tasks.

    Process cases faster For customers

    Process cases faster and with greater precision.

    integrate additively For you

    Integrate IPA additively - without any extensive changes to your existing infrastructure.

    Develop the content of documents and emails – as a service.

    Learn more about Europe's No. 1 IPA service for the automation of text-based processes. 

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