AI Platform

    OCR based on Machine Learning

    Your OCR software needs some AI-based understanding for process automation.


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    Intelligent Document Capture

    Combining optical character recognition (OCR) with Machine Learning & AI: Clear so far – OCR applications do extract text from documents, records and lists for further processing. However, results are inaccurate, configuration is complicated, savings are low. Unless you integrate our AI as a service.

    Document Capture OCR

    AI makes sense of it. The problem with classic OCR applications is: they require OCR experts and permanent maintenance to make sense of extracted text from your documents & records. Even worse: to enhance quality results you need to define rules and options. Using the AI Platform, all you need to do is "tag" 250 samples per document category to capture all relevant data. Here is how to transfer OCR results into accurate records that immediately trigger the exact right workflows.

    Support all text structures Support all text structures

    Extract the right data from invoices, emails, records, lists or attachments.

    Best OCR text recognition Best OCR text recognition

    Make use of Machine Learning to train and run automated document processing.

    Case Automation Case Automation

    From pure extracted data, up to 99 % of cases can be processed automatically.

    Text in – Insights out

    Our AI Platform turns unstructured text fragments from your OCR software into structured information in context. Relevant data is extracted, validated and processed to third-party systems with unique AI precision. Save time and costs, process cases faster, trigger follow-up action and increase customer satisfaction – by responding in “real-time”.