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    The strategic advantage

    Cut costs, acquire market shares: Artificial intelligence provides the essential basis for intelligent process automation (IPA) in banks - particularly in the automation of routine tasks in customer service and back offices.
    With the AI Platform, we add a cognitive component to the processes at leading financial service providers. This enables our customers to achieve industry-leading increases in the efficiency of capturing and intelligently processing financing applications, credit references, and documents - across all communication sources and formats.

    „AI is becoming a decisive competitive factor for financial institutions”

    PwC Germany

    More than 20 years of experience in AI: ITyX enables companies to gain industrial access to text-based content in case processing to extract relevant thematic data and acquire usable knowledge for follow-up activities - automatically, reliably, and accurately.

    Typical applications

    Our IPA service is used by 200 companies in 24 countries to digitize case processing in service and back offices. Employees are relieved of the burden of carrying out repetitive manual data entry steps. We harness the potential of automation.

    Automated case capturing

    Automated case capturing

    Mortgage loans, rent security deposits, loan, and bank card applications: Banking processes involve a lot of paperwork. The AI Platform sorts, provides access to, and validates the content of the submitted documents and attachments. On average, 80% of the thematic data relevant for processing is captured automatically. This relieves your employees in the back office from having to perform error-prone, manual entry steps and shortens the time required for processing. So that you can processes cases faster and more efficiently.

    Digital Customer Service

    Digital customer service

    Emails, messengers, certificates, mobile payment transactions: Nowadays customers expect their banks to offer an accelerated digital service experience. From the opening of accounts to digital customer mailboxes, we eliminate manual, recurring processing steps, deliver context information to your employees and give employees more freedom to deal with challenging individual cases.

    Digitizing files

    Digitizing files

    Old contracts, personnel files, and HR-relevant documents: We help you to intelligently gain access to the content of archives and to make information available in order to provide support for compliance with and adherence to data security requirements as well as ensuring that processes in human resource departments (HR) are carried out automatically.

    Gain access to text content with AI

    Automatic case processing: The AI PLATFORM analyzes and understands text-based content regardless of language, type, source, and structure. It identifies and extracts relevant thematic data.How it works

    Capture loan and building financing applications automatically

    Learn how to ...

    … automatically capture 80% of the relevant case data from submitted application documents and records;

    … reduce the processing time by an average of 40%;

    … offer your customers intelligent mobile document capture and immediately generate credit decisions.

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    „By extensively intervening in the configuration of the workflows and even execute our own code, we are also able to handle internal workflows with ITyX. In short: We are very satisfied to date and have not regretted our decision in favor of ITyX.”

    Daniel Wink, UniCredit Direct Services

    Additive integrationAdditive integration.

    AI made in Germany: we help financial service providers to eliminate media disruptions and application changes in back office processes and to make even complicated processes future-proof. The AI Platform can be easily integrated and combined with your core applications. Additively. As a service.


    Europe's leading AI service for intelligent process automation in banks.

    Also available as a cloud service for KRITIS customers. In accordance with ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 20000, ISO/IEC 27001, and ISAE 3402 Type II

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