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    The potential of context data

    Text-based information and its automated processing create a decisive competitive edge.
    This information is contained in documents, emails, documents, and certificates. Only those who understand the interrelationships are able to fully automate processing. We have the AI for this.

    Document Capture


    The next wave of digitization is occurring at desks.

    Gaining access to relevant case process data with the help of AI relieves your employees in service and back offices of the task of having to manually enter document content.

    Typical document types involved in capture of case context
    Banks Banks & financial service providers
    • Applications (with plausibility checking)
    • Directories and outlines
    • Credit references and asset statements
    • Master data changes
    • ...and much more.
    human resources management HR & human resources management
    • Job applications
    • Resignations
    • Master data changes
    • Medical certificates (e.g. health insurance)
    • ... and much more.
    PSCs & public utilities PSCs & public utilities
    • Payments on account
    • Meter readings
    • Bank information changes
    • Credit notes
    • ... and much more.
    Travel & tourism Travel & tourism
    • Bookings/booking confirmations
    • Cancellation & travel cancellations
    • Reservations
    • Transfer postings
    • ... and much more.
    B2B commerce B2B commerce
    • Order confirmations
    • EDI corrections
    • Offer preparation
    • Preparation of production specifications from orders
    • ... and much more.
    Insurance companies Insurance companies
    • Damage reports (with plausibility checking)
    • Documents and certificates
    • Applications and application reviews Contract issues & advice on premiums
    • ... and much more.
    Transport & logistics Transport & logistics
    • Bills of lading & customs certificates
    • Shipment collectors & shipment information
    • Incoming orders & item entry
    • Delivery notes
    • ... and much more.

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