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    Robotic Process Automation

    Cognitive capture combined with RPA software: We have the service that understands texts. From any source. Regardless of the text structure.

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    Strategically invaluable

    RPA software combined with AI:
    The AI platform from ITyX extracts thematic data from your documents and emails and sends them accurately to your company systems. Test our internationally leading AI software and add a decisive cognitive component to RPA.
    Now also available as a service on request – from a certified cloud operation in Germany.How it works

    Digital intelligence

    We have been combining excellent customer experience with AI-based process automation for 200 customers in 24 countries for more than 15 years. The AI Platform is now also available as a cloud service.

    The speed with which core systems in companies are realigned and combined makes our RPA software an indispensable service for digital transformation.

    Intelligent Service


    Scalable savings potential Scalable savings

    In practice, up to 70% of the case costs. And RPA software combined with AI can be implemented even for complex processes – anywhere in a company.


    24/7/365 availability 24/7/365

    Top quality around the clock. RPA software with AI relieves the burden on your company operations and makes you independent of BPO (outsourcing). Insourcing is worthwhile again.

    Alleviation of workload Marked alleviation of workload for employees

    Your employees are not robots. Coupled with RPA software, AI takes care of capturing, keying in, and copying relevant thematic data – and creates more freedom for performing creative tasks.


    Speed up your workflows with robotic process automation – and a dash of AI.

    Our RPA-integrated, cognitive document automation is also available on request as a secure cloud service.
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