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    Intelligent Character Recognition

    Enhance OCR software with AI: A decisive step was taken towards automated document capture.

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    Intelligent Character Recognition and AI

    Intelligent character recognition (ICR) successfully combined with AI: Companies struggle with different formats (PDFs, scans, faxes, emails) and text structures when capturing applications and cases in mailrooms and back offices. OCR software alone is only capable of optical character recognition. Combined with our AI service, intelligent character recognition (ICR) will successfully understand the content and automatically extract thematic data.

    Automating document capture

    Intelligent character recognition with a dash of AI: Opening up handwritten content from forms is prone to error. Successfully combine our AI Platform with the character recognition system (OCR, ICR) that is suitable for your application. AI recognizes the case context and automatically corrects many character errors.

    Zonal text extraction Zonal text extraction

    Our AI extracts a clean, validated text from an image section containing handwriting.

    Processing handwriting Processing handwriting

    Extensive functions and integrated functions aid you in processing forms.

    cost reduction Huge cost reduction

    There are no manual steps involved in capturing content. AI’s method of extracting handwriting is error-tolerant.

    For any content structure

    The AI Platform processes document content regardless of the structure of the content - in particular when recognizing handwriting. Texts are automatically extracted from the image data and validated in the context of the case - with enclosed attachments, documents, and existing solutions (ERP, CRM). This way, content that was previously keyed in manually can now be easily forwarded to your company's data management system.