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    Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

    Capture data automatically


    How it works


    Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) for enterprises

    Transfer relevant content of your documents and emails in Mailrooms and back office teams automatically. For us it is Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). And for our customers it means: Stop copying or typing content from emails or OCR documents. Beyond rule-based capture: Our AI precisely recognises the content in context.

    Process emails, documents, records with AI

    More than 200 companies in over 20 countries use our Intelligent Document Processing to capture incoming mail. We free your service reps from routine tasks, speed up processing and improve your CX.

    Application processing

    Customer-centric application processing

    Capture customer inquiries with AI in minutes instead of days: receipts, certificates, statements or invoices - including all relevant data for processing. Speed up your document OCR.

    Capture Content with precision

    With Intelligent Document Processing, you process data from Inboxes to your CRM or case management. Increase efficiency in case processing by as much as 60%.


    Outstanding results

    Recognise 95 % of incoming cases and transfer them including relevant data and contextual information into claims management, ERP or CRM.

    We process almost 700 million cases every year.

    Learn more about document types and email processes that our customers process with our AI Platform.


    Relieve employees from routine For employees

    Relieve staff from manual data entry

    customerexperience For customers

    Speed up case processing for fast results

    integrate additively For you

    Use AI as a Service without changing your IT infrastructure

    Develop the content of documents and emails – as a service.

    Learn more about Europe's No. 1 IPA service for the automation of text-based processes. 

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