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    Real machine learning as a service for automating your input management.

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    Expand your input management with AI

    Cognitive capture software for professionals: embedded in your existing input management solution infrastructure, Cognitive capture software picks up all content from all communication channels, extracts relevant data, validates the case content, and enriches it with existing data. This way, any type of relevant text-based business information can be used industrially. A decisive aspect here is: You can easily add this AI service to your existing solution infrastructure as a „service".
    Integrate AI additively

    An AI service for various application scenarios in companies

    For all text formats

    For all text formats

    In particular for unstructured information captured daily with a great deal of manual effort from emails, contracts, attachments, and social media. This is exactly where the key to the sustainable scaling of your AI strategy lies, since this method of capturing information can be used throughout the company and offers outstanding efficiency advantages.

    For all sources and tools

    In particular, captured texts via scanners, MFPs, as well as mobile devices, social media, and company archives are utilized. But also in connection with business workflows, QR codes, e-signatures, and the right combination the 10 „best-of-bread” AI engines available from ITyX.

    For all sources and tools
    A single AI platform

    A single AI platform

    From the acquisition of OCR information or native text content to the final transfer of the identified data to data-handling systems and business processes: The AI Platform offers exactly the AI methods and workflow tools needed for complete case automation.

    A service for end-to-end automation of your incoming mail and back office processes

    More than 200 customers in 24 countries including 10 of the top 150 companies worldwide are expanding their input management with AI services from ITyX. Start with AI now and request our free „Standard Edition“.

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