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    Automate document processes
    and extract thematic data directly – 
    on your customers' smartphones.

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    Using smartphones to capture documents

    With our Mobile Capture app, we simplify the everyday life of your customers - and at the same time connect them to the business processes of your company as the situation requires. We extract the thematic data from documents and records photographed with the app and send them to your back-end processes. Mobile self-service to perfection. Eliminates scanning and manual entry in your mailroom.

    High customer adaptation assured

    We offer you your place on several thousands of smartphones. Our app is already installed on more than 30,000 customer smartphones - helping well-known companies to exchange documents and records. Entirely without paper and postage. Legally compliant.

    Kunden, die Mobile Capture Platform nutzen


    Replaces traditional paper-based processes

    • The MOBILE CAPTURE PLATFORM serves your customers as a digital assistant to capture and sort paperwork and to enable legally compliant, case-closing transmission of applications and documents including items such as credit applications, account openings, and refunds.

    • It creates a direct link between your customers and your customer portal and self-services.

    • With the MOBILE CAPTURE PLATFORM customer experience becomes just as easy as sharing photos with friends. Incidentally, it also works with the integrated messenger.

    Mobile Capture Platform


    Simple, transparent


    Damage reports, meter readings, complaints, and defects

    Processes that are really adapted by your customers - simple, transparent and fast. The customer photographs the relevant documents and sends them to RPA and legacy systems via web service APIs.

    Mobile application capture (loans, refunds, returns)


    Mobile application capture (loans, refunds, returns)

    Applicants are guided through a process checklist and capture documents, certificates, and ID cards using the camera function of their smartphones.

    Free Standard Edition AI Platform


    Use AI potentials now free of charge

    We want you to achieve your goal quickly. That’s why we would be happy to provide you with the Standard Edition of the AI platform on request. No license fees.

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