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    Input Management with AI

    Analyze, understand, and process texts in emails and documents. Company wide.

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    Capture incoming mail with AI

    All relevant information on monitors - company-wide:
    Input management software from ITyX analyzes, understands, and processes text content regardless of language, channel, and structure. Content, data, knowledge, and processes meld into a 360-degree view of customers, case content, and process flows.

    For all text-based fields of application

    Automation of incoming mails „Amorphous” incoming mail

    The AI Platform from ITyX offers a whole range of partially pre-configured formats and workflows for automating incoming mail.


    AI based extraction Extraction

    In addition to the rule-based retrieval of thematic data, ITyX offers a unique procedure for self-learning thematic data extraction contained in unstructured documents.


    Smart case management Damage claims and payments

    Even complex types of cases such as mortgage applications, service accounting, and capture of personnel files are processed intelligently.


    The right decision

    Input Management

    with AI Platform


    Outstanding automation rates Outstanding automation rates

    Increase the efficiency and measurability of your case recording. Cut the cost of manual data entry significantly. Increase the proportion of automatic processing as the operating time increases.


    Capture all cases For all text-based business transactions

    Capture cases regardless of business sector, source, and structure of the content. Trigger self-service processes in mobile customer service that are actually used by your customers.

    maximum precision With proven maximum precision

    The error rate is the measure of success of any automated process. Decisive for our customers is that the automated processes are also correctly processed cases.

    Cloud service Also available as a cloud service

    Secure cloud operation in certified data centers (ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 20000, ISO/IEC 27001 and ISAE 3402 Type II) makes your input management fit for the future.

    AI to automate text-based processes.

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