RPA and AI for logistics and transport

    Automate complex processes in customer service and back offices. AI process automation offers decisive competitive advantages.

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    Smart digitization in logistics and transport

    On the way to automation

    Customers expect a fast and seamless service experience. Prompt returns and rerouting, import and performance transparency requirements as well as the search for process-relevant real-time information pose new challenges for the logistics and transport sector. With our AI Platform, we help more than 200 companies worldwide to automate even complex processes.

    IPA for transport and logistics


    „AI and RPA are among the three decisive technologies for the future of logistics.”


    How your processes benefit from IPA

    Intelligent process automation (IPA) coupled with the AI Platform helps logistics companies to automate everyday routine tasks and to make room for handling the so important „special cases” for customer contact.

    Implement IPA successfully in logistics

    IPA in customer service

    IPA in customer service

    Messages in customer service are processed much faster and with greater precision. Emails are analyzed according to topics, priorities, and responsibilities, are then enriched with the relevant data from the existing systems (delivery date, process status, etc.), and answered automatically.

    IPA in back offices

    IPA in back offices

    The relevant process and shipping data in back offices are automatically and intelligently transferred to master data systems, cumulative invoices, and shipping notices, customs documents, and web forms.

    IPA in bookkeeping and scheduling

    IPA in bookkeeping and scheduling

    Complex returns processes are also automated and collective invoices are decrypted for bookkeeping and scheduling.

    Little effort – fast results

    Intelligent process automation can be integrated as a service into your existing system infrastructure: Our IPA software offers a decisive lead in the race for automated business processes by enabling you to use AI in your existing application landscape – without complex changes to operations.

    Additive integration

    Key benefits
    Shortened lead times Shortened lead times

    Customers expect immediate reactions to their inquiries - otherwise they will ask repeatedly. With our IPA service, you can handle business processes faster and with higher quality.


    Relieve employees of routine tasks Relieve employees of routine tasks

    Our AI software offers indispensable support in case processing: The relevant thematic data are automatically captured and transferred to the respective processes.

    Reduce costs Reduce costs

    IPA Service reduces processing times by automating recurring processing steps. And our cloud service offers options for secure and affordable operation.

    Increase process quality Increase process quality

    AI is potentially less prone to making errors when handling daily routine tasks. Our IPA service achieves outstanding accuracy rates.

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