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    Intelligent document recognition with ML

    Document content can be converted into usable business information with the help of intelligent document recognition:
    Saving, organizing, and retrieving documents is simply not enough to remain competitive in the long run. Intelligent document recognition makes it possible to technologically open up document contents. Intelligent document recognition software can eliminate manual work steps by automatically processing content data from correspondence and archives.

    No manual data entry required

    With our intelligent document recognition software, you can access the content of incoming mail, case processing, and archives: What kind of business transaction is it? Which customers and contracts are involved? In what context is the content related to other existing information in third-party systems?

    • Our intelligent document recognition is based on market-leading AI and offers content classification, data extraction, and case export across all system boundaries.

    • It is used when there is a high volume of cases in application processing, in mailrooms, and in the corporate organization of your company.

    • In practice, intelligent document recognition can save up to 70% of the time and effort involved in capturing transactions.

    Intelligent document recognition


    Processing documents with AI

    Our AI platform is used to automate document processing in particular by insurance companies, financial service providers and municipal utilities. Even for complicated types of cases such as applications for building mortgages and opening of rental guarantees. We are able to process documents regardless of the structure of the content - ranging from handwritten text to fields and tables.

    Capture the content contained in rental agreements, loans, and sureties

    Find out how this financial services provider …

    … automatically reads the rental price, name of the landlord, address data, rent including heating, basic rent without heating, security deposit, etc. from contracts with AI,

    … captures 90% of the relevant data content,

    … and reads and checks contracts in the back office much faster and more conveniently for employees.

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    Manual document processing is a major cost driver in companies. Our adaptive technology automates complex document processing tasks to make back offices more efficient.
    Machine Learning

    Combining rules and templates with machine learning (ML).


    Cut costs

    Cut the cost of capturing cases (documents, emails).

    On Premise or Cloud

    Can be optionally run on-premise or in a secure cloud.

    Open up the content of documents and emails.

    Now also available as a service from a certified German cloud operation.

    KI zur Automatisierung textbasierter Prozesse.

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