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    The intelligent OCR SDK

    An AI-based service that understands documents and automatically processes content.

    Also available from a cloud

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    AI-based OCR SDK

    A touch of intelligence for your applications

    The AI Platform as an AI-based OCR SDK (software development kit), converts content from documents and emails into usable information for your processes and applications regardless of the text structure, format, or source - from a cloud, hybrid, or on-premises.
    Talk to us about the available integration options we can use to capture text-based business information and make it usable - regardless of wherever it occurs in your processes.

    Also works with body text


    Integrations Overview
    Add our AI service to easily add your applications an ultra-modern component for text automation. As intelligent OCR, the AI Platform offers you perhaps the most powerful AI solution for text classification and data extraction. And combined with a highly scalable, secure infrastructure in a contemporary, transaction-based payment model at that.

    Integrate AI into business applications

    Data extraction as an additive service

    The modern programming interface (API) of our AI Platform enables you to integrate the services into every OpenAPI application:
    AI for RPA Software

    AI for RPA

    Robots alone only automate data entry. Combined with our AI service, however, you can automate the entire content capture process. AI for RPA software is worthwhile in two different ways.
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    AI for DMS / ECM

    AI for DMS / ECM

    AI and machine learning (ML) have a decisive edge in the race for future-proof enterprise information management (EIM). With the AI-based OCR SDK, you can expand your existing content services within just a few days.
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    AI for CRM /ERP

    AI for CRM / ERP

    Customer relationship management without AI will soon be inconceivable since only with AI can data from different sources and formats be rationally linked. This means that all information relevant to the context for processing cases is automatically available in service and back offices.
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    Automatically access content

    Our industry-leading deep learning solution can be integrated into virtually any API-enabled application or combined with software robots. You do not need any prior knowledge of machine learning and deep learning. Here is a list of typical documents, emails, records, and certificates you can automatically capture and process in workflows with our AI service.


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