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    Jobs full of creativity and variety

    We relieve people from the burden of gathering information manually


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    Everyone deserves intelligent machine support

    Because it relieves us of the burden of performing tedious, routine processes and enhances our working environment.

    We are a leading international specialist in the field of intelligent digitization of font-based communication - with unique expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. As pioneers in artificial intelligence, we are experts in IPA software (intelligent process automation) and are able to automate all corporate text-based processes. To relieve your employees of the burden of performing manual work steps and instead create room for jobs full of creativity and variety.

    This is how it works


    Data are the fuel for digital intelligence.

    Data can be found in documents, applications, and dialogs between you and your customers and business partners. We make data accessible for you. Passionately and successfully. For the last 25 years.


    It’s the fine nuances that make a difference.

    To err is human. And mistakes happen. Our platform learns from mistakes. Our passion is precision - technically feasible precision. That's why we gladly face every performance test against our competition.

    Unsere KI ist präzise
    Digital Intelligence

    Humans shouldn't have to work like robots.

    Digital intelligence offers us the opportunity to grow and surpass ourselves as human beings. For this reason, we strive to uncover this potential and make it tangible every day. Your customers and employees.

    Intelligent automation for big companies is now available for small companies.

    From all over the world: Our customers have been automating text-based business processes with us since 1996. In 24 countries and 18 languages. The goal: Accelerate case processing and improve customer experience. We harness the potential of automation - as an additive service.Additive integration

    Success Success

    Find out how customers from all branches of industry implement our IPA services.


    Security Security

    Learn about sustainable operation of IPA with certified security.

    Passion for AI Passion

    Explore more about us and our passion for AI.

    Global locations

    Cologne, Germany

    ITyX Solutions AG
    Stollwerckstraße 17-19
    51149 Cologne

    Orlando, USA

    ITyX Solutions, Inc
    37 N Orange St Suite #809
    Orlando, FL 32801

    Pune, India

    ITyX India Pvt Ltd. 
    Office No 403, 404, 4th floor, B-wing, Nyati Empress, Viman nagar,
    Pune – 411014

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