Intelligent automation for contact centers

    Routine processes in digital customer service can be flawlessly automated with AI.

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    Intelligent automation in contact centers

    AI in customer service

    Outstanding customer service thanks to AI: Contact with customers and business partners has never been more important. It secures the future of the company. AI helps to implement intelligent automation of recurring routine processes and thus increase the efficiency of customer service significantly. The AI service from ITyX can be quickly and additively linked with existing core systems in customer service.

    Intelligent automation for text-based customer service

    Emails, documents, and records, messengers and chats: The dialog between companies and their customers occur primarily in service communication silos where customer service employees invest a considerable amount of their time in switching between applications, viewing messages in different formats and structures and copying the thematic data they contain to data-handling applications – all manually, of course.

    Frequent switching between applications Frequent switching between applications

    Customer service employees have to access several applications simultaneously to process cases.

    manual research Always searching for information

    Employees spend up to 38% of their time manually searching for relevant information.

    Manual copying of data Manual copying of data

    Due to the lack of integrated capabilities, customer service employees are forced to manually capture and copy content data (copy and paste).

    Automate manual work steps with AI

    Here’s how AI helps customer service

    Intelligent automation with ai


    Capture thematic data with AI

    Capture thematic data with AI

    Emails, certificates, legal documents, social media - unstructured content: Approximately 80% of the content processed in customer service is body text. AI recognizes customer intentions (intent recognition) and automatically extracts the relevant thematic data for further processing.

    Assist employees with AI

    Assist employees with AI

    Instead of manually researching customer data and process information, AI service proactively provides relevant data. Switching between various systems is no longer necessary. AI gives service employees a 360° view of all important details.

    Fully automate customer service

    Fully automate customer service

    Defined confidence values mean that messages analyzed and captured by AI can be processed fully automatically (automatic processing). Thus enabling your service staff to deal with challenging individual cases instead of copying and pasting.

    At least 40% of the processes carried out in customer service can be automated.

    Intelligent automation as DNA and passion. Since 1996, ITyX has enabled companies to automatically process text-based content in customer service in order to extract relevant thematic data and gain usable knowledge for subsequent processes - automatically, reliably, and accurately.

    Emails and documents: Case automation with AI

    Learn how this energy provider ...

    … automatically assigns more than 85% of the correspondence to the appropriate processes and teams - and with an extremely low error rate (false positives);

    … correctly extracts more than 95% of the contained customer and process-specific data;

    … and thereby achieves a significantly reduced response time (email processing is completed in less than 24 hours).Free download

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    Additive integration

    In numerous benchmarks, our AI Platform has sufficiently proven that it achieves top automation rates. It can be easily integrated as a cloud service on request. Additively. Without the effort usually involved in implementing IT projects.

    Europe's leading AI service for call and contact centers

    Also available as a cloud service for KRITIS customers. In accordance with ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 20000, ISO/IEC 27001, and ISAE 3402 Type II

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