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    Customer Service Automation

    Automation of emails. Self service. RPA.

    With this AI, automatic processing of your text-based customer inquiries will be a success.

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    Customer Service Automation

    Automate customer service intelligently

    Successful customer experience (CX) is no longer an option but a must in order for your company to remain competitive in the future. Automated customer service combined with a perfect customer experience is not a contradiction.

    Our AI platform processes nearly 2 million text-based service cases in 18 languages every day. It analyzes the content of your emails, documents, and social media, identifies the sender and the reason for contact, enriches the process with relevant existing data, and triggers automatic service workflows.

    Learning to understand content

    The importance of telephone contact in customer service continues to decline. Instead, customers are increasingly using emails, the web, and apps to which they frequently add attachments and certificates. This results in long wait times in customer service processing, which now are a thing of the past thanks to customer service automation: Communications still take place in application silos (email programs, DMS systems, process management and CRM / ERP), involving constant switching between the applications, which is not only tedious, the customer data also has to be checked and copied manually.

    How to use AI successfully in customer service

    Automation of emails

    Automation of emails

    Using AI, the AI Platform assigns up to 95% of customer emails to the correct workflows and responsibilities. Relevant thematic data are recognized and extracted automatically. Your employees receive all relevant information about the process on their monitors. Or the automatically AI replies directly. Personalized and exact.

    Automated case capturing

    The AI Platform automatically converts the communication content into processable case data. An incoming email with attachments thus automatically becomes a case for your back office team in your process system. The AI does the copying - your employees can concentrate on more important tasks.

    Automated case capturing
    Mobile Capture

    Mobile capture – self service

    Claims reports, submission of documents, electronic customer mailboxes: Use the AI Platform to map fully managed self-service processes. Your customers will receive an appropriate link to the pre-completed application and can use the photo function of their smartphone to submit the desired documents. 0% paper. Instead, 100% customer orientation.

    For all service channels and text formats


    AI Platform - alle Kanäle, alle Formate


    Capture emails and documents in customer service and back offices with AI

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    … automatically assigns more than 85% of the correspondence to the appropriate processes and teams - and with an extremely low error rate (false positives)

    … correctly extracts more than 95% of the contained customer and process-specific data

    … and thereby achieves a significantly reduced response time (email processing is completed in less than 24 hours).Download

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    Customer service automation means investing time in customer relationships instead of entering cases manually

    AI software automatically records case data Our AI software automatically records case data.

    Fast and with absolute precision: From all sources, in all formats, and for all existing systems. As a service. Also from a cloud.


    Scale with AI Scale with digital intelligence instead of with human effort.

    By successfully automating routine tasks, our customers achieve efficiency gains of up to 70%.

    Automate your customer service Automate your customer service.

    Fit for the future: Since AI is able to understand and identify thematic data, you can manage your service processes automatically.

    Digital Intelligence

    We have been combining excellent customer experience with AI-based process automation for 200 customers in 24 countries for more than 15 years. The AI Platform is now also available as a cloud service.

    Open up the content of documents and emails.

    Now also available as a service from a certified German cloud operation.

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