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    AI for DMS/ECM systems

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    AI for ECM / DMS systems

    Automate workflows intelligently

    About 80% of the employees in German companies know and use them:
    ECM software and DMS systems capture and make available the contents of documents, emails, and social media. The challenge of automating these processes is steadily increasing.
    The key: Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

    The on-premises or cloud version of our service offers producers and users the opportunity to automate case capture to the greatest possible extent.

    AI process automation for DMS / ECM systems

    For all cases

    For all cases

    Documents, contracts, emails, social media: The AI Platform captures your business cases regardless of content structure, business process, and source.

    Additive integration

    Without extensive integration effort and lengthy project times: Use the AI Platform as a service or on-premises without having to modify your existing applications and system components. Additively. As a service.

    Additive integration
    Transaction-based invoicing

    Transaction-based invoicing

    Transparent and based on volume: Invoicing is based on the number of pages or cases analyzed. We offer a free entry-level version in addition to the Enterprise Edition.

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    Would you like to use AI to automatically capture documents and emails in your DMS system and trigger follow-up activities?
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    DMS systems: AI's decisive advantage
    AI’s decisive advantage for your existing DMS system.

    More than 200 customers in 24 countries including 10 of the top 150 companies worldwide have expanded their content services (DMS / ECM) to include the AI Platform. In numerous benchmarks, the AI Platform achieved by far the best automation rates in the industry.

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