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    Intelligent Document Processing for automated document & email capture:
    Stop manual data entry in your enterprise. Start automating service requests, customer applications, invoices and lists now.
    With our AI PLATFORM.

    for end-to-end automation
    starts from 0,035 Dollar
    including all features that make ITyX the leading solution provider for the automation of text-based business processes:
    • Integrated OCR service
    • Process Automation Kit
    • Workflow Designer
    • AI Categorizer (including 10 AI engines)
    • Categorizer iBooster ™ (to Auto Manage AI engines)
    • Rule based & Form based Categorizer
    • AI Data Extractor (Rule based, Context based, Annotation based)
    • Fully Automated Data Extractor (Structure)
    • Fuzzy Matcher
    • As-a-Service Distribution


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    Details and availability of AI Platform features are subject to change. All prices are net prices and do not include the applicable VAT. All prices include maintenance & support and exclude optional cloud operation. A "case" is defined as a single document page or a single email.

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