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    Intelligent automation from the cloud

    Your entry into complete automation of text-based business processes. Use the Standard Edition of the AI Platform for case classification free of charge. Or use the Enterprise Edition for automatic thematic data extraction.

    Standard Edition
    to get started
    • Integrated OCR service
    • Process automation kit
    • Workflow designer
    • Basic AI categorizer
    • Rule-based categorizer
    • Form-based categorizer
    • Basic AI data extractor
    • Rule-based AI data extractor
    • Fuzzy matcher
    Enterprise Edition
    for end-to-end automation
    Standard Edition plus additional functions:
    • Full stack categorizer (including ten AI engines)
    • iBooster ™ categorizer (to automatically manage AI engines)
    • Data extractor trained by annotation (content)
    • Fully automated data extractor (structure)
    • As-a-Service distribution

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    Details and availability status of editions and incorporated functions can be changed. 

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