How it works

How it works

Content Analytics: classify and route

Capturing receipts by smartphone

Analog and digital: Your customers record their everyday paperwork and have all receipts and deadlines on hand at all times. 


Mobile analytics: Understanding and archiving content

Understanding and archiving content

Types, sources, content, and relevant deadlines are precisely recognized. The context of every item is taken into consideration.


Mobile Analytics: Understanding and archiving content

Context-dependent service communication

Contextual service offerings: Customers can make inquiries, request a call-back, and easily share content.


AI PLATFORM triggers the desired services automatically

Customer service without media disruptions

The AI PLATFORM triggers the desired services automatically and independently with appropriate service resources.


What it can do

What it can do

  • MOBILE acts as a personalized digital assistant for your customers, recording and sorting the daily paperwork and organizing deadlines and payments
  • MOBILE creates a direct connection between your customers and your intelligent service infrastructure through ITyX solutions
  • Customers merge with your service organization: With MOBILE, customer experience is as easy as sharing photos with friends

What it means

What it means

  • A networked digital service ecosystem providing the best in customer service
  • Align interests with your customers so both parties derive benefit from mobile networking
  • Embrace the new service economy in which there is minimum hold time and media disruptions

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My name is Dominique Jaritz. I am principal consultant at the ITyX Group. Please contact me at any time for questions regarding our mobile solution.

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