How it works

How it works

Content Analytics: Train with sample cases

Train our AI with your processes

Define processes via ITyX’ AI Service and train them with sample cases. Our AI Service learns specifically how content is handled in your organization and applies that knowledge to new incoming cases.


Incoming Cases: validate and enrich

Classify, validate and enrich

From here on out, the Service automatically analyzes incoming cases and extracts relevant contextual data. Discrepancies are automatically identified and presented to your available team members for validation.


Index and process: case is routed by one click

One-click routing

Case content is automatically indexed and transferred to the appropriate process within your organization’s network.


Process automation becomes efficient

Self-learning processing

AI-as-a-Service automatically trains itself: Based on successful classification and handling, the process automation becomes more efficient every day.


The Result

The result

  • Process on average 40% more cases without keeping extra staff on hand
  • Save up to 90% processing time in case management
  • Trigger fully automated processes from unstructured and partially structured content.

What it means

What it means

  • Industrialization of case management in customer correspondence and processing by automating manual tasks (manual content and data capture are no longer required).
  • Finally a solution for all formats and sources that you can integrate as advanced service into existing and future IT infrastructures.
  • Transaction-based business model from certified EU datacenter provides full control of costs.

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