Automating customer services for telecom and energy suppliers

High-cost service processes in telecommunications and energy companies will be handled automatically with integrated service ecosystems in the future.Customers will use smartphones and tablets as the basis for their interaction in addition to e-mail, letter, and web. Service transactions will be handled in near real-time - rate changes, service issues, contract inquiries. Your customers can capture relevant documents, invoices and device information on their smartphones. Your employees always know which customer they are helping and what the nature of the service request is (context). This procedure can lowers service costs by at least 30%.


The most extensive processes in telecommunications and public utility companies

  1. Contract administration, credit and collection management
  2. First-time registration and address changes
  3. Questions about rates and invoices
most extensive processes in telecommunications and public utility companies


What we do for you

  • Automate routine tasks in customer service 
    Documents, e-mails, self-service, and chat: Our software processes text-based service inquiries in the mailroom and customer service center automatically and converts them into relevant business information.
  • Secure a place on your customers' smartphones 
    Analog and digital: With our solutions, you combine classic customer service (telephone, letter, e-mail) with mobile customer integration.
  • Connected living and added service value 
    Connected living: With the connection of devices and services, the average cost per service inquire is reduced while providing exceptional customer service.

Telecom & Utilities: Have you already heard?

94% of the decision-makers in the power industry expect a "significant" and/or "very significant" change in their business model due to digital convergence. [Source: PwC Annual Global Utilities Survey 2014]

80% of the public utility and telecommunications companies will suffer a loss of revenues if they do not offer service on mobile terminal devices. [Source: Gartner Predicts CRM & Customer Service 2015]


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