ITyX launches the VIRTUAL AGENT to automate back office processes

Posted by Andreas Klug on Mar 9, 2010 4:00:00 PM
Andreas Klug

Software solutions specialist ITyX has just released Mediatrix VIRTUAL AGENT.

This new product captures, validates and transfers data automatically into existing ERP/host environments using secure remote connections.


ITyX managing director Andreas Klug explains: “The functionality of the VIRTUAL AGENT has been an integrated part of our existing solutions such as Virtual Mailroom and Email Response Management. It has enabled our clients to achieve process time reductions of more than 50% and we decided to make the VIRTUAL AGENT available to a wider customer base as a stand-alone module.”


The VIRTUAL AGENT is particularly effective when used for routine tasks, such as processing of incoming forms, applications, contracts or receipts or maintenance of twin systems. It captures, validates and transfers data automatically into ERP/ HOST environments, without the need to adjust existing systems.


Human interaction is only needed if data is incomplete or if a test process cannot be carried out successfully. The VIRTUAL AGENT uses remote connections, such as Windows Terminal Server, VNC or Citrix.


Klug adds: “The VIRTUAL AGENT comes with no initial cost outlay – clients only pay a percentage on the achieved cost savings. This will help organisations become leaner in these difficult times, without having to find a budget to implement change.”


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