Customer Experience Management: ITyX launches Initiative for Customer Service 2.0

Posted by Andreas Klug on Mar 4, 2011 6:00:00 PM
Andreas Klug

The interactive website demonstrates the relevant aspects of modern customer communication and profitable customer experience management.


At CallCenterWorld 2011 ITyX launched a new Initiative for Customer Service 2.0 On the interactive, whcih is in the style of a line network, new aspects of the communication between consumer and brand are picked up and evaluated.

The new methods and media, that are now available, range from 'auto response' to 'twitter', which in the next few years will take a more prominent role in the interaction and relationship between customers and organisations. "By the end of this decade, our current benchmarks of a traditional service economy will have been overtaken." ITyX director Andreas Klug explains the reasons for the start of the sector initiative. "Open communication via digital channels and social networks will take over from service hotlines."

At the service industry event in Berlin, social media was the key topic. Organisations such as service providers looked for suitable strategies to integrate the new media seamlessly into their communication processes. "There is a dark cloud hovering about the sector - an noby really knows how they will deal with the change in climate," adds Klug, "But it will happen."

According to ITyX, many organisations have learned about the opportunities to professionally service customers via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Another key topic was the creation of customer loyalty. "In future it will play a major role. Brands and service organisatins will establish and nurture loyal relationships with those customers that have a significant influence on the purchasing behaviour of other users."


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