Your clients have problems, we have solutions. Let’s work together. Guide your clients in finding the right digital strategy: Realizing a dynamic-robust, networked IT infrastructure; diminishing application and data silos; creating an omnichannel platform. The fight for a spot on consumers’ smartphones is on. With AI PLATFORM, we’ve created the ideal intelligent workflow and integration environment for the digital organization. Let’s be partners in strategy and integration.


TOP 5 Challenges of Digitalization

  1. Smart prognosis, big data and analytics
  2. Integrating all touchpoints (omnichannel)
  3. Accelerating and simplifying processes
  4. Automating routine tasks
  5. Devising a mobile engagement strategy
Chellenges of Digitalization


What we can do for you...

  • Make digitalization come alive 
    The strategy is yours — we provide the suitable solution. Our industry use cases are proven, successful concepts and business models. We would like you to become our partner and driving force in changing the way business gets done.
  • Cognitive software and dual process design  
    Our worldwide unmatched AI (artificial intelligence) technology understands text-based content of any format and is capable of deducing the context behind what’s going on with a customer. It trains itself to automatically do the right thing in routine scenarios. As a result, your team is freed up to spend more time on tackling difficult individual cases.
  • Transforming the service economy 
    Analysts’ top four trends: artificial intelligence, cloud infrastructure, Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile experience management. ITyX is the only European provider to offer solutions in all areas of transformation.

Free Whitepaper "Insurance Providers in Digital Transformation"

The digitization of our everyday lives creates changed conditions in customer service and back office. The Whitepaper "Insurance companies in Digital Transformation" shows how you can bundle your service processes and adapt them to today's digital customers.

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My name is Andreas Rittler. I am responsible for our sales and alliances in the US. Please contact me at any time for questions regarding our software solutions for telecom and public utility companies.

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