• Excellent automation rates for e-mail, customer service, and back office
  • Use for letters, documents, forms, e-mails, web mails, fax and social media messages
  • Measurably higher precision and speed than manual processing
  • Valuable for mailrooms, back office, internal company organization and case management

Automating input management: measurable return on your investment.

Automating input management: measurable return on your investment
ITyX customers often achieve an ROI in less nine months

Areas of application

Areas of application of input management software

Useful information and details regarding the customer success with ITyX software.


Omnichannel Capture Platform

Paper or digital: Analyzing incoming e-mail and processing it precisely.

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Content classification and routing in modern digital mailrooms.

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Customer Experience Platform

360° customer service: Make your customers part of the service process.

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Cloud Platform

Secure, automatic processing in the cloud.

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