• Modern, networked touch points: service app, e-mail, social media, web self-service, chat, and co-browsing
  • Excellent text analysis methods: Customer messages are classified, prioritized, enriched, and optimally distributed
  • The process and integration platform intelligently connects channels, processes, devices, and resources
  • Provides 360° customer service in contact centers, marketing, customer relations, internal company organization, and case management

Customer experience in digital convergence

Customer experience in digital convergence: Establishing connections.
ITyX connects customers, devices, service, and business processes with a networked ecosystem.

Areas of application

Areas of application of customer experience software

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Customer Experience Platform

360° customer service: Customer Experience Platform makes your customers part of your service process.

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Incoming e-mails, web mails, social media, text messages, and similar forms of communication are processed automatically.

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