ITyX is founded by graduates of the Computer Linguistics Department at the University of Koblenz. As result of close collaboration with leading German universities and research institutions, the young founders deal with the analysis of unstructured documents and data.

Founder and CEO: Süleyman Arayan



6 employees start developing adaptive software solutions for the analysis and processing of unstructured text information. With the PTME (Power Text Mining Engine), they manage for the first time to use the behavior of employees in the content evaluation of e-mails to understand texts and process them automatically. They quickly prove that this method has the lowest error rates and is clearly superior to the AI methods used until this point in time.


Market introduction

Introduction of Mediatrix RESPONSE, the first adaptive e-mail processing solution for call centers. The Direktservice division of Dresdner Bank (known today as "Commerz Direktservice") introduces Mediatrix as an e-mail response management system for the classification, distribution and semi-automatic answering of sometimes time-critical customer and prospect inquiries by e-mail.



With the formation of ITyX Solutions AG a division focused on the sale and system integration of linguistic software solutions is founded as part of the ITyX Group. In addition to company founder Süleyman Arayan, Andreas Klug becomes part of the Executive Board. In close future, important new customers are won, which even today use ITyX solutions, such as: Bosch, Conrad, Infineon, and UniCredit Direktservice.



The ITyX software solutions merge together as modules on a centralized platform. CONTEX (now known as AI Platform) combines all input channels of a company on a comprehensive process and integration platform. The new, partly patented analysis methods of text mining and data retrieval are integrated.



In addition to the "Customer Experience" division (contact centers), the "ECM" division (incoming e-mail automation and enterprise content management) is expanded. ITyX knowledge management and the social media integration are published. Rolf Esau, Hans-Günter Hagen, Hans Georg Rendenbach, and Andreas Rittler become part of the newly founded Executive Board of ITyX.



The software modules of the ITyX Group are now used on three continents. Internationally successful brands like Generali, IKEA, Samsung, and Volkswagen are won. In the course of opening the ITyX portfolio for transaction-based business models (SaaS, Cloud), a standardization offensive begins.



ITyX software is used in 200 companies in 24 countries and supports 19 languages. With the expansion of subsidiaries in the United States, Great Britain and India, the cornerstone is laid for intensified internationalization. More than 120 employees work for the ITyX company group. Through strategic holdings and the takeover of technology and integration partners, ITyX continues to grow.