Understanding text – with AI.

    Capture the content of documents, emails, and attachments automatically and accurately.
    Simply integrate – as a service.

    With artificial intelligence

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    Automate business processes intelligently

    The easiest way to open up precisely structured thematic data from unstructured content.

    With the AI Platform, you can gather relevant data from text-based processes
    and automatically copy the data to any business application you choose. 

    • Relieve your employees from the burden of carrying out tedious manual activities.
    • Capture and process cases automatically, quickly, and accurately.
    • Without making extensive changes to your present system infrastructure. AI as an additive service.


    Integrate now into all Open API applications

    Understand any type of text

    Understand any type of text contained in documents and emails

    Start now with Europe's leading AI service for automating your text-based processes.

    How it works

    Text-based processes the AI Platform automates every year
    Countries and 18 languages
    Customers including many top 150 brands worldwide
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    Correctly classified content

    Capture and analyze any type of text, regardless of the source and content structure. Automatically trigger follow-up workflows.

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    Correctly extracted case data

    Identify, extract, and validate case and personal data content and use this information automatically for further processing.

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    Relaxed colleagues

    Relieve your employees of the burden of performing repetitive tasks such as copying and keying in data. Make room for the really challenging individual cases.

    „Every company can become an AI company“

    Arvind Krishna

    When if not now?

    Integrate AI and machine learning into your applications and business processes with the AI Platform.
    Simple and additively.

    Easy integration

    Robotic Process Automation AI for RPA

    Capture data automatically and accurately for your existing RPA solution - also from body text, documents, and emails.

    AI for ECM & DMS AI for ECM & DMS

    Automatically copy all relevant content information into your existing ECM/DMS process application.

    AI for CRM & ERP AI for CRM & ERP

    Use AI-based automation to speed up capturing of customer messages in service and back offices.

    Experience Artificial Intelligence.

    For automated capture of documents, emails, applications, certificates, and forms.

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    Input Management As a final customer

    Easily and additively integrate AI into your input management (incoming mail, customer service)

    Partner As a partner

    Create with us intelligent future-proof automation solutions for your customers.

    As a manufacturer As a manufacturer

    Use our AI to refine your existing product with a pinch of „automation".

    Good reasons

    easy integration Easy integration

    Additive to your existing applications and processes.

    Secure operation Secure operation

    Available from the cloud on request (also for KRITIS customers).

    Transparent prices Transparent prices

    From € 0.035 per transaction. Free edition to get you started.

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