How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Our Perception of Customer Experience

When artificial intelligence (AI) changes our perception of customer experience, the consequences are pervasive. In my free e-book “Human-Machine Collaboration” I explore what our future with AI, service workplaces and CX is likely going to look like. Consider the following projections and scenarios regarding the future of your customers’ loyalty in a digital society.


Machine Learning: How algorithms will impact CX

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), as a form of artificial intelligence, are far from meeting all of our expectations, yet. We’re still facing many unsolved challenges. Nevertheless, when it comes to customer service, artificial intelligence has long been proving its power, even to the critics. What many don’t know: Plenty of customer management applications are already utilizing ML algorithms persistently — a steady trend upward.


Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service: From hype to must-have

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a sensational topic in recent years. We are now communicating with intelligent language assistants, such as Siri and Alexa. Nowadays, machines inform us when they need to be serviced. We no longer have to bother. Soon, we will drive around in autonomous cars. As more and more applications are meeting market maturity, AI is no longer just a hype. Achieving the equilibrium in market maturity implies that supply matches the demand, which clearly shows that artificial intelligence has tremendous potential to revolutionize every aspect of our everyday lives. This is also noticeable in customer service. AI is changing communication from the ground up — but for the better, not for the worse, as critics had feared.


Automate These Four Customer Service Processes Now

The digital customer experience is becoming increasingly essential for the success of companies. More and more leaders and decision-makers recognize that, in this digitalized and networked world, it can foster great customer affinity, from which they benefit. A new study by the market research and consulting firm Lünendonk Hossenfelder offers fresh numbers regarding this topic.


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