Small data adds up to big problems

We often associate big data with research problems that are important to humanity as a whole - problems like human evolution, energy sources and cancer. To process big data, we often think that one needs big iron like computer nodes, scale-out storage and parallel systems to compute the massive amounts of data.


Big data provides critical information for customer service

Often, when we think about big data, we think about the volumes of data that are referred to. It is tempting to do this because big data does involve large volumes of data that are constantly growing at exponential rates. Advances in the growth and development of big data computing constantly dominate the news. It takes advanced software and BI tools to even begin to comprehend the volume of certain measurements, such as petabytes and exabytes.


Artificial Intelligence: Linking Businesses and Customers

Comprehensive ‘Information of Everything’ is about all imaginable IT-related issues, from self-learning software, discrete agents and automated objects to innovative apps and services, furthermore providing a platform for the Internet of Things. Gartner’s riveting predictions and analyses for the current year’s end include a future digital world based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms and smart machines that are able to facilitate a ‘harmonious relation’ between businesses and their clients.


Big Data: How NSA helped boost business IT

Buzzword “big data” — if you have watched the news in the past three months, you likely picked up on the affinity between intelligence agencies and the IT topics ECM and business intelligence (BI). As a new generation of technologies and architectures for processing and utilizing large amounts of data, “big data” is gaining relevance in European organizations remarkably fast. Influenced by the NSA scandal and based on the success of implemented best practices in the US, European organizations are beginning to invest in ECM software, data storage technologies, cloud solutions and data access management.


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