Why IT Prozesses Need Intelligent Automation NOW

Intelligent automation of routine processes is on the mind of decision-makers and leaders around the world and across industries right now. An organization’s every department is trying to figure out a strategy for intelligently automating repetitive processes. Yet no other area is as blatantly affected as IT. The business environment is drastically changing, so IT managers around the world feel more and more compelled to deal with the subject of intelligent automation. The digital transformation is necessitating new IT models. Prozesses need to be linked and automated coherently. Yet very few IT decision-makers are getting around to earnestly tackling the issue.


Why intelligent automation in the workplace is critical — NOW

The intelligent automation of jobs is nothing new. And in theory, people are taking it quite seriously. Seven of ten managers expect that by 2025, artificial intelligence will have a big to very big impact on their organization’s strategy. Copious feedback from customers shows: Intelligent automation in the workplace allows organizations to increase efficiency in input management and to improve the customer experience (CX). Nonetheless, research also shows: Intelligent automation of jobs still has potential for improvement while also becoming more and more critical.


3 W's of Business Process Automation - What, Why and Who?


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