The Future of Customer Service

Endless wait times, unprepared and misinformed customer service representatives, no transfer of information when switching from one communication channel to another – it’s safe to say, consumers are tired of the experience they get when trying to get support from many organizations.

Businesses have long recognized the importance and value of delivering high end customer service, many continue to struggle to provide service in ways desirable to the end customer. A recent study (Philipp Klaus: Measuring Customer Experience)1 states that 80% of CEOs believe their companies deliver outstanding customer service, while the same study indicates that 8% of those customers feel the same way.

What is the cause for this massive perception gap?


The Resurrection of Email

In the blog series Prediction Time, AIIM president John Mancini shares his thoughts on the role of email in 2015 and comes to the conclusion, “Email is once again cool.” He says businesses had declared email as primary communication channel as dead more than once in the past in favor of social systems. Meanwhile, he believes that thanks to various innovations, the exact opposite is now true. People once again like email.