Prepare for a cognitive company with AI software!

Around the world, there are numerous jobs that require human beings, be it for creative or consulting tasks, or issues requiring intuition and contemplation. In these cases, AI software can only be helpful by diagnosing circumstances and supporting human labor. Experts are in agreement that cognitive software will influence modern digitization in a similar way to how steam engines impacted industrialization. According to the IDC, more than half of all company software applications will be equipped with artificial intelligence in the course of 2018.

AI is becoming more multifunctional

Smart software, used by a world-leading producer of lifts, automatically recommends services prior to any possible outages. Smart software also helps the medical industry with analyses of radiographic images and the issuing of all medical evidence that cannot be spotted by the human eye. In back office and service teams, artificial intelligence is able to read and understand clients’ communication and automatically take action as a logical consequence, without delay. Software based on artificial intelligence has grown and progressed beyond the laboratory and is considered to be one of the most important and disruptive modern achievements.

IDC forecast: A digitized society lies ahead

Experts at the International Data Corporation (IDC) are convinced that the effects of digitizing will be felt in all economic domains worldwide. Specialists predict that companies will double their investments for transformation activities in order to reposition themselves, acting on the assumption that almost every economic institution will simultaneously operate as a software business.

No success without third-party platforms 

In order to become a digitized business, there is no option but to use third-party platforms. Their significance is increasing steadily. The ‘cloud first’ will be a parallel outcome of this, as these technologies cannot exist without reasonable cloud solutions. According to the IDC, the worldwide costs for cloud services, including the required hardware and software, will exceed the total amount of 500 trillion US dollars until 2020. 

Solid data pipelines are the be-all and end-all

A smooth and swift data exchange in digital transformation management is essential. By 2018, successful enterprises are expected to send out about 500 times the information they do today. This is not possible without firm data pipelines. These data pipelines are of utmost importance for companies with extensive customer communication. The IDC experts hypothesize a growth of client contacts by 1000 to 10 000 times compared to the present. Around 80% of all B2C companies are expected to overhaul their digital touchpoints within the next few years, while being exposed to a fundamental change in customer service. It all comes down to ‘personalized real-time service’.

Cognitive systems: Digital brownies

The growing dimension of new data will not be manageable without AI software, whether in a contact center or in another versatile business field. Today, the referring investments are projected at one trillion US dollars, with a steady increase in the course of the next three years.

What is still assigned to humans?

Decision-makers will have to solve fundamental tasks in years to come by trying to unite humans and machines in the best possible way. Without smart software solutions, continuing economic success is almost unthinkable. Without human resources, it can definitely not be realized either. By implementing smart technologies in the right way, businesses enable their employees to spend more time on challenging tasks or customer and patient queries.

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