Automated customer communication: Four ways to success

The requirements are demanding, individual and personal, up to date and consisting of modern technical standards and in all this showing immediate results - our digital era has led to business activities in which customer communications take centre stage, demanding a great deal of rethinking from companies of all sizes and segments.

Customer Relationship Management without Customer Experience Management? Nowadays simply unthinkable! A successful customer journey should undoubtedly be part of every business strategy, followed by a fundamental change in ways of customer communications.  For some companies, all that might seem like a major effort – but no need to panic. Adapting to the new circumstances does not necessarily mean having to provide more manpower, instead, the implementation of Intelligent Automation for process flows in customer service, can help taking the next step forward, might it be in regards to Client Acquisition, Human Relations or handling Customer Inquiries.

Take a look at the following exemplifications and learn about details:

Let Digital Assistants carry out your routine operations

While Virtual Assistants process routine inquiries and prepare important business and customer data, experts can attend to more challenging customer concerns. They have more time to get into detail, committing themselves to the client by addressing the individual case, creating an emotional bond. A scenario as such is not Utopia! Instead, it is simply the result of a successful interaction between Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and robotics. Self-acting, Digital Assistants identify contents and demands of incoming emails, extract relevant data, execute transactions within the range of their capacities and finally forward the outcome to the respective employee.

Initialize proactive customer dialogues with live chats

Customer Acquisition is another field in which automated software performs well, providing proactive chat opportunities companies can target their website users with the result of potentially winning them as new clients. Thanks to a smart automated chat software, concerned clients are getting in touch with the company's respective product specialists. Using encrypted internet connections, potential customers are supplied with photos and graphics, documents and contents of data. Parallel, employees in the service department keep records of the dialogue outcomes, and finally, it is on the software once more to set it all up for follow-up processes.

Make use of automated Social Media channels

As per customer support, there is simply no way to deal without social media. Businesses profit from using those channels in two ways:

  1. Whilst creating emotional links with the consumers, companies are getting the opportunity to learn about marked preferences and actual needs, sensing atmospheres in an early state, being able to avoid negative adverse effects but all that can only be realized under one condition: the information must be up to date and plausible, personal content must be provided.
  2. Social media management tools ensure a permanent provision of valuable topics, allocating them into multiple channels.

Solve crucial cases with call-back strategies

Analogous customer support remains significant too, providing real-time communication, telephone services account for a major part in most company’s budgets. As diverse and intensely today’s consumers make use of digital touch points – to completely do without telephone is in no one’s interest. To be able to establish personal contact with human employees remains an important aspect for most clients. To match those demands, companies should react by implementing well-conceived call-back strategies. Central management and automated processing of incoming calls, as well as, for instance: allocating large-scale acquisition, campaigns can reduce costs significantly, whereas human capacities can focus on selected telephone appointments, improving the personal dialogue with the client. Especially customers with more delicate queries such as Banking Operations or Financial demands will appreciate the option of individual solution proposals by the business’ experts.

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