Virtual Agent

Virtual Agent: Technicizing data transfer between applications

Overcome system limits without integration effort (Virtual Agent)

In order to successfully complete business processes for input and response management, the following frequently applies: The results are transferred to existing systems manually and cost-intensively by "copy-and-paste." Interfaces are complex and often expensive in regard to creation, maintenance, and adaptation. With intelligent screen scraping, data is transferred between different systems by a virtual workstation agent without the implementation of expensive interfaces for this purpose.


  • Fast, secure, affordable assumption of routine tasks (such as the recording of contact data)
  • Recording processes are simulated on a virtual interface and handled automatically
  • Expensive interfaces between transaction management and data systems are no longer required
Virtual Agent
  • Tolerant towards application changes in the target system (no macros)
  • Secure remote access (Citrix or VNC control)
  • Can be used on HOST, client/server or web applications
  • Simulation of mouse and keyboard entries
  • Reaction to changed screen content

Virtual Agent is used in the following ITyX solutions:

Response Management



Incoming e-mails, web mails, social media messages, text messages and similar forms of communication are processed automatically.

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AI Platform: intelligent workflow and integration platform


AI Platform

360° customer interaction: centralized workflow and integration platform.

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Digital mailroom by ITyX



Content classification and routing in modern digital mailrooms.

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Omni channel Capture Platform for BPO, ECM and DMS


Capture & Processing Platform

Intelligent ECM automation: All formats, all channels.

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Virtual Agent: Have you already heard?


Service employees may require access to an average of nine different back office systems.


Many organizations still offer silos of one-to-one communication; customers switch their communication mode from Internet, to e-mail or call the service center for help. The service center employees may have to manually re-enter everything again. With ITyX you can access the full range of digital possibilities with the press of a button minimizing media disruption.

Stay tuned for omnichannel customer service!

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