Fuzzy Matching

Fuzzy matching: Finding and allocating the right data records

Precisely merging customer with existing data

Service processes bristle with media disruptions because content from various applications is sought and saved during the processing of each transaction. Through error-tolerant comparison (fuzzy search), customer and transaction data can be associated with existing information despite fuzziness and data errors. The potential for using fuzzy matching in business processes is enormous. Fuzzy search is one of the core technologies of AI (artificial intelligence) on the way to autonomous system solutions.


  • Internationally leading expertise
  • Fuzzy search and reliable results in indexed data resources
  • Services processes can be reliably allocated to existing customers and/or transactions for data validation
Fuzzy Matching: dynamically self-adaptive search
  • Incoming text-based messages: Optimize results from OCR systems
  • Fuzzy search with incomplete/incorrect data
  • Dynamically self-adaptive search
  • Content-associative search of data components (tags) in free text
  • Free search with fuzziness

Fuzzy matching is used in the following ITyX solutions:

AI Platform: centralized workflow and integration platform


AI Platform

360° customer interaction: centralized workflow and integration platform.

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FAQ and self service software


Self Service

Dynamic FAQ software for Websites and customer portals

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Customer Experience Management


Customer Experience Platform

Efficient use of service processes through digital channels.

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Omni channel Capture Platform for BPO, ECM and DMS


Omnichannel Capture Platform

Digital oder Papier: Posteingang automatisch analysieren und verteilen.

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Fuzzy Matching: Have you already heard?


Without fuzzy matching, validation in case management is practically impossible.

The fuzzy search in data stocks and the finding of the correctly associated data record (fuzzy matching) are used by only a few search engines. This is because the effective use of fuzzy matching is much more complicated than the procedure for "simple" search inquiries as used by most knowledge management software solutions. If fuzzy search is missing in your processes, more than 80% of your transactions in case management must still be handled manually in order to allocate the right customer and/or transaction data.

Stay tuned for omnichannel customer service!

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