Data Validation

Data validation: Know what you have to do

Validation and enrichment with existing data (data validation and enrichment)

In most case management teams and contact centers existing information is accessed manually. The result, manual searches and information acquisition from third-party systems make an efficient handling of service requests difficult. ITyX solutions automatically performs plausibility checks and corrects errors. Manual intervention is required only in a few cases.


  • All relevant data from the transaction is automatically validated (data validation)
  • Fuzzy and error-tolerant comparisons with existing systems containing known data
  • Context-sensitive enrichment of the transaction with existing information
  • Useful for your internal company organization, back office, mailroom, and process development
Validation and enrichment with existing data
  • Validation and optimization of the results from OCR systems
  • Content-associative search according to relevant existing information
  • Identified information is automatically included in the service process

Data validation is used in the following ITyX solutions:

AI workflow and integration platform for the networked handling of all service processes


AI Platform

Intelligent workflow and integration platform for the networked handling of all service processes. 

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Digital mailroom



Content classification and routing in modern digital mailrooms.

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Capture Processing Platform


Capture and Processing Platform

Paper or digital: Analyzing incoming e-mail and processing it precisely.

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Cloud Plattform von ITyX


Cloud Platform

The intelligent and secure automation of text-based business processes from the cloud.

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ITyX self-adaptive solutions: Have you already heard?


Why ITyX solutions have achieved success all over the world …


ITyX is a global market leader for self-adaptive corporate solutions – also known as "cognitive software." Our solutions are based on modern AI (artificial intelligence) methods and understand text-based content of any language and structure. Many companies among the "Global Top 150" rely on this software. In the meantime, the solutions are used in 22 countries. In April 2014, ITyX Solutions Inc., the U.S. subsidiary, was founded in Orlando and is based in the historic Angebilt building.

Stay tuned for omnichannel customer service!

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