Co-Browsing: Working together securely online

Securely moving classic service experiences to the Internet (Co-Browsing and live web support)

Potential customers still interrupt their visit to Websites in frustration. Opportunities for dialog are missing and quick questions cannot be identified. Chat and Co-Browsing is an ITyX technology allowing customers and service employees to interact simultaneously via browser without requiring a direct connection, software installation or adaptation of web content. A virtual consulting is enabled – also known as "human-assisted web."


  • A technology of ITyX since 1999
  • Common visit and simultaneous completion of forms in web consulting situations
  • Diminishing of purchasing hesitations, improvement of the dialog capability of your online offering
Co-Browsing: Simultaneous visit of Internet content
  • Simultaneous visit of Internet content (collaborative/shared browsing)
  • Common use/completion of forms (shared webforms)
  • Forwarding of sessions to available specialists (session forward)
  • Visualization of content using a consultant arrow (telemarker)
  • Cross-browser-compliant

Co-Browsing is used in the following ITyX solutions:

Chat: live web consulting of visitors



Customer-value-optimized address and live web consulting of visitors.

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Customer Experience Management


Customer Experience Platform

Efficient use of service processes through digital channels.

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Cloud Platform


Cloud Platform

The intelligent and secure automation of text-based business processes.

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Co-Browsing: Have you already heard?


Every day, companies lose up to 70% of visitors willing to make a purchase on Internet pages because an agent is not available at the moment of the purchasing decision! 


At the end of the 1990s, ITyX started the development of Co-Browsing for live web support and has continuously improved the technology. For banks and other organization requiring a secure environment it can use encoded content and is available in the cloud and your secure company infrastructure (on premise).

Stay tuned for omnichannel customer service!

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