Web Self Service Management

What is Web Self Service?

Process automation and inspiring service experiences are no contradiction.

Every day, employees answer all kinds of questions. The knowledge about how to answer those questions, however, is not recorded in the process. Web Self Service records and technicizes this inherent knowledge – using for example, the answers supplied by the ITyX product RESPONSE. With Web Self Service, you can achieve the balancing act between automation and customer engagement: Simple repetitive customer inquiries are automatically taken care of on the Website 24/7. Agents then have the freedom to create positive service experiences with your customers: With the chat, co-browsing, and mobile solutions of ITyX.


  • Self Service identifies repetitive questions from e-mail dialogs
  • Similar questions are recognized and answered closing the cases
  • With Self Service is it possible to answer between 25% and 70% of all web inquiries
  • Useful for: Online customer service, marketing, web customer experience, contact avoidance
Web Self Service: FAQ software learns knowledge gaps

Self-service software learns knowledge gaps: The context between the question and the associated answers and information is made accessible. The solution learns independently and requires minimal administration

Areas of application

Areas of application of Web Self Service

Dynamic FAQ and Self Service Software


Self Service

Dynamic FAQ software for Websites and customer portals. 

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Customer Experience Management: over all channels via one platform


Customer Experience Platform

360° customer service: Include your customers in the service process.

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Stay tuned for omnichannel customer service!

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