Knowledge Management

What is knowledge management?

The collection of relevant knowledge from all company sources matching the context of the inquiry.

Knowledge provides the foundation for all process efficiency; exciting customer dialogs and automated processes are not possible unless your business knows where to find the correct information. It is important that your knowledge management software automatically records content from all sources (wikis, documentation, archives and business correspondence) and using proprietary algorithms provides any information required in the context of the business process. Our Knowledge Management software is one of the few solutions available that performs in this way.


  • Self-regulating, self-adaptive software without administrative overhead
  • Automatic recording/indexing of text objects from any company source
  • Dynamic weighting of relevant information based upon user input
  • Integrated, flexible editorial, authorization and expert system
  • Useful for internal company organization, customer service, back-office organization
AI based Knowledge Management Software

Our Knowledge Management software dynamically learns how to handle indexed information from documents, file systems, and Websites

Areas of application of Knowledge Management

Intelligent FAQ and Self Service


Self Service

Dynamic FAQ software for Websites and customer portals.

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Knowledge Management Software



Knowledge Management software for efficient customer service..

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