Document Management

What is document management?

The transformation of document content into usable business information.

Today, saving, organization and retrieval of documents is no longer sufficient to retain your competitive edge. Organizations that make document content technologically available can convert content into usable business information. Modern document management software automatically analyzes and understands the intent of business mail – independently of source (paper or digital) and format: Model, monitor, and manage all text-based business transactions on a future-proof platform.


  • Centralized document management platform for all text-based business processes
  • Content classification, data extraction and transaction exports across system boundaries
  • Worldwide leading methods of content analytics and AI (artificial intelligence)
  • Useful for high-volume mailrooms, internal company communication, archive management
Dokumenten Management automatisiert Postverarbeitung


Document management software makes the content from documents and archives available:

Which business inquiry is referenced here? Which customer and related information is involved? In which context is the content available to additional, existing information in third-party systems?

Areas of application of document management software

Omnichannel Capture Platform for BPO, ECM and DMS


Capture and Processing Platform

Automatically process incoming documents independently of format.

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AI based digital Mailroom



Content classification and routing in modern digital mailrooms.

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Stay tuned for omnichannel customer service!

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