Customer Engagement App

What is customer engagement?

Involving customers actively in service processes in real time.

The following is clear: Customer engagement in the digital age is being driven by mobile devices. Effective customer engagement means thinking consistently from the customer's point of view. How do you win a place on your customer’s smartphone, tablet or wearable? How do you facilitate the connection to your process infrastructure? Customer service leader like Samsung Electronics trust the Customer Engagement software from ITyX. We create a networked digital ecosystem in which service interactions can be handled directly and without media disruptions


  • Customer service app behaves as a digital assistant with additional benefits for the customer
  • Freemium model with 20,000+ active end users in Germany already
  • The integrated AI technology from ITyX records customer receipts and offers an easy exchange between customers and companies
  • Particularly relevant for C-level executives, corporate strategy, internal company organization, innovation management
Customer Engagement in digital convergence

Customer engagement in digital convergence: Establishing connections.
ITyX connects customers, devices, service and business processes with a networked ecosystem.

Areas of application of the Customer Engagement app

ITyX Cloud Platform


Cloud Platform

Handle text-based business processes automatically from the cloud.

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Customer Experience Management: 360° customer service


Customer Experience Platform

360° customer service: Allow your customers to be part of the service process.

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Stay tuned for omnichannel customer service!

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