Business Process Management

What is BPM software?

The centralized control and networked handling of customer communication.

In the networked company of the future, access to touch points, contents, service processes, and resources are flexible. Devices for recording business information (MFP, scanners, smartphones) are connected to your business processes through the BPM platform. IT environments are easily consolidated using the ITyX BPM platform allowing business processes to be digitized and automated resulting in efficient handling, significant automation rates and the optimum use of employees.


  • The ITyX BPM software understands, prioritizes and distributes communication content
  • A modern process and integration platform are combined with excellent text analysis
  • Provides 360° customer service for contact centers, marketing, customer relations, internal company organization and case management
  • ITyX provides the most extensive automated processing independent of source, content, and target system
Business Process Management Software

BPM software as a networked ecosystem: Content, devices, and resources are connected seamlessly.
No media disruptions, no manual intervention.

Areas of application of the BPM software

Omnichannel Capture Platform for BPO, ECM and DMS


Capture and Processing Platform

Paper or digital: Analyzing incoming e-mail, faxes, and social media and processing it precisely.

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Content Analytics: classification of content


Content Analytics

Classification of content in e-mails, social media and documents.

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Stay tuned for omnichannel customer service!

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