Knowledge management software

Technicizing the transfer of knowledge.
From search entries to wiki: knowledge management software has many different definitions. Your knowledge management software should constantly learn more to achieve optimum efficiency. KNOWLEDGE from ITyX makes relevant information automatically accessible by constantly drawing conclusions from the search behavior of your employees. This solution will revolutionize the handling of knowledge in your company.

How it works

Knowledge Management: Defining knowledge sources

Knowledge Management: Index content automatically

Knowledge management: Determine authorizations

Make knowledge available

Knowledge Management Software

What it can do

  • Combine sources of content and make the content available independently of source, format, and structure
  • Increase first resolution rates in support by 30% on average
  • Relieve experts and make their knowledge available to service processes depending on context

What it means

  • Make relevant knowledge usable - for all employees, at a central point (single point of information)
  • Evaluate knowledge dynamically – using implicit or explicit evaluations of all users
  • Find the right information instead of searching for it and improve the percentage of successful case conclusions in customer service and back office

Contact me.

My name is Andreas Rittler. I am responsible for our sales and alliances in the US. Please contact me at any time for questions regarding our KNOWLEDGE software solution.

Andreas Rittler, ITyX USA

Andreas Rittler


ITyX Solutions Inc.
37 North Orange Avenue,
suite 910L
Orlando, FL 32801

T +1 407-427-1553

E-mail Andreas Rittler

Stay tuned for omnichannel customer service!

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