Evaluating customer dialogs as they occur

Predictive Analytics & Big Data. 
In e-mails, letters, and social networks: relevant knowledge for customer service, marketing, and product development can be derived from dialogs. But how can the content be recorded and compressed in a technicized manner? DISCOVER analyzes your customer interactions comprehensively and precisely. Result: Administration-free trend monitoring optimizes your service processes and leads your company to the greatest possible added value.

How it works

Evaluating customer dialogs

The content and tone of conversations are automatically evaluated

Predictive analytics and Big Data: Visualizing knowledge

Applicable Insights: Evaluating customer dialogs

Discover: Evaluating customer dialogs

What it can do

  • Monitor key topics and trends in real-time from any source, transaction, teams or applications
  • Semantic analysis and context-relevant analysis of content and connected activities
  • Predefined basic reports and user definable widgets for the visualization of connections and relatioships

What it means

  • Determine problems and derive measures to improve customer satisfaction and process efficiency
  • React quickly to all customer touch points – without sets of rules and regulations DISCOVER independently recognizes trends and patterns
  • Data and facts on Web 2.0 dashboards visualize with a quality and depth of focus that is impossible with manual monitoring

Contact me.

My name is Andreas Rittler. I am a member of the Executive Board of the ITyX Group, responsible for our sales and alliances. Please contact me at any time for questions regarding our DISCOVER software solution.

Andreas Rittler, Executive Board ITyX Group

Andreas Rittler

ITyX Solutions Inc.
37 North Orange Avenue 
Suite 910L
Orlando, FL 32801

T +1 407-427-1553

E-mail Andreas Rittler

Stay tuned for omnichannel customer service!

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